What is IPL/LASER therapy?

IPL means intense pulsed light. It is similar to a laser, but uses a broad spectrum of light with special filters that emit polychromatic light. This system is able to improve a variety of skin and tissue related problems.

How does the IPL system work?

A gentle flash of intense filtered light is pulsed over the treatment area every three seconds until the appropriate dose has been delivered. The treatments are safe, fast and efficient.

Are the IPL treatments painful?

Treatments are quick and generally comfortable. The IPL feels like the snap of a rubber band. Although the target tissues are heated during treatment, the sapphire tip is chilled to keep the skin cool during the procedure. If your treatment area seems sensitive, taking Tylenol before your session can be helpful.

Pre-Treatment Screening

Every client will have a pre-treatment visit. At your first visit, a licensed laser specialist will sit down with you to discuss your concerns and to analyze your skin type. We will obtain a medical history and perform a spot test to determine your skin sensitivity and the appropriate dosing for your first IPL/laser treatment.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

This varies based on the condition being treated, your personal response to treatment and the extent of the treatment area.

How will I feel after a treatment?

Redness, bruising or slight swelling in the treatment area is normal and usually resolves in a few days. You can resume your normal activities right after a session.

Do you have a payment plan?

We accept major credit cards and offer package pricing and pay as you go payment options on all of our treatment packages.


Have you struggled with unwanted body or facial hair? Have you tried every conventional treatment just to have the same hair return –maybe more of it!

How is the IPL system different?

The IPL system permanently disables hair follicles by targeting the melanin pigments in the hair follicle. This special technology is also effective on red and grey hair! Each treatment will destroy about 20% of the hair follicle population, thus inhibiting new hair growth. When hair begins to grow back, (weeks to months) it will be a finer texture and have a lighter pigment.

How do I get started?

A prescreening visit will be necessary to review your medical history and to do the “spot test”. Hair removal is very sensitive to IPL wavelength and dose energy and the filters vary based on skin tone, hair color and hair density. You will receive important skin care and pre-treatment instructions prior to your first session. You must shave the area being treated prior to your consultation.

Permanent Hair Removal Package/session pricing:  (6 sessions)

Ear    $300
Lip    $390
Chin    $390
Hand/Fingers    $390
Feet/Toes    $390
Sideburns    $390
Lip & Chin     $465
Lip, Chin & Neck     $765
Front of Neck     $565
Back of Neck     $565
Underarms    $565
Bikini    $1,225
Brazilian    $1,900
Lower Leg     $1,525
Upper Leg     $1,025
Arms    $1,225
Tummy    $1,225
Chest    $1,175
Full Head     $1,175
Full Back     $1,565
Forearms    $865


Over 50 Million Americans suffer with acne lesions. Traditional treatments are expensive and have known complications and side effects. Months, even years of treatment may not get the results you were hoping for.

IPL therapy is a proven, safe and effective treatment therapy for acne!

Photo clearance is a process where a special spectrum of light energy is directed at the molecules associated with the acne bacteria. A photothermal reaction takes place that destroys the acne. The red wavelength is used to decrease inflammatory response and lessen redness.

This incredible IPL technology can show 90% acne clearance in just four weeks!

Treatments are scheduled twice a week for the first month and take about 15 minutes. A laser specialist will evaluate your skin’s response to each session
and will advise you on basic skin care and special products that can speed the healing process.

It is very important to understand that you can not tan before or during IPL therapy.

The procedure is quick and painless and should not keep you from your regular activities. You may feel like you have a slight sunburn after your session.


Up to 20 treatments Including Extractions: From $ 1500
*** Acne therapy can be performed on any part of the body. ****
Photorejuvenation is probably the most popular cosmetic procedure performed today. Polychromatic light is used to promote changes on and below the surface of the skin. Many of these problems arise from photodamage (sun) and from normal aging of the skin. Photorejuvenation is most effective if performed in series. The number of sessions can be estimated during your pre-screen, but ultimately it is based on your skin’s response and your satisfaction! The system targets specific chromophores in the skin that cause discoloration. It does not affect the surrounding tissue and there is no downtime. The results of photorejuvenation are very predictable

IPL is an effective and very predictable treatment for the correction of skin pigmentation problems.
As with all laser treatment modalities, a pre-treatment screening visit is required. Your program will be customized to determine the correct wavelength, pulse width and photo-energy density for your first session. This system offers maximum flexibility while ensuring safety, comfort and guaranteed results!

Broken blood vessels are treated by coagulation of the blood within the vessels. This is a targeted procedure and does not affect the healthy tissue around it. Although the depth of each vessel varies, two - four sessions will usually correct the problem. Minor bruising may be noted for a few days following therapy, but will resolve itself.

The removal of brown spots and pigmented lesions generally requires one - three sessions. The IPL energy is absorbed by the skin’s melanin and then converted to heat. The heat causes the pigment to coagulate and naturally slough with exfoliation. The surrounding tissue is left unharmed.

If your problem area is a result of sun damage, you will need to be careful to prevent recurrence.

Package/session pricing for above and photorejuventation:

4 Sessions: From $900
IPL broadband light technology is proven effective in the treatment of age spots, liver spots, sun spots, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles!


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